Frozen Shoulder – It’s not a tear but it sure feels like it!

Posted on Nov 19, 2013 in Blog, Uncategorized

I pulled a tendon in my upper arm almost 2 years ago and I should have listened to my friend (an OTR) as she tried to convince me to keep stretching it or I’d end up with frozen shoulder. That didn’t sound so bad…frozen shoulder? I live in Michigan. How bad could that be?  Don’t get me wrong,  I really did try to stretch but let’s face – it hurt!  I’m busy so it was easy to let time go by… unfortunately, I now know what she meant! Wow does it hurt!

I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me a steroid injection and recommended I start physical therapy.  If I had time for that I wouldn’t be in this mess! I would have to figure out a way to do this myself (in between running my old business, launching this new one and going back to school)….

First stop: Finding the best way to heat the shoulder without stopping my work (did I mention I”m left handed and this is my left shoulder)…..

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